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If you’re a fan, have comments on a recent gig, or just want to say hi, please feel free to leave a note!

  1. Love your music Jimmy! I’m in New Hampshire, but next time I’m i n Florida
    , I’ll look you up! My son Scott [Chrane} is a bass guitar player with the group Rock Logic in New England. I’m showing him your website because he would LOVE your guitar playing!!

  2. Enjoyed hearing you last night on the beach – awesome performance!! Kudos to the infamous Tim Heading and rest of the band too!
    Great inspiration / CD originals really brought it home. ?

  3. Great website. Love to see you play live. You’re the man I listen to when I need a reminder of what guitar tone should be. The band rocks; and solo you be the best looper I’ve seen. Bravo to the hardest workin’ guitar slinger in the Bay area. Peace n love. rj

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