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If you’re a fan, have comments on a recent gig, or just want to say hi, please feel free to leave a note!

  1. Jimmy,
    I’ve been listening to your stuff on Spotify. Have to say… it’s every bit as good as your day’s banging away the ” The Peanuts theme song ” on your acoustic!

  2. Jimmy, I’ve always been one who feels music rather than just hearing it. I’m new to the music scene in the Tampa Bay area and have caught three of your gigs in the last month. The talent and energy you share at your shows is phenomenal!!! When you start playing it’s as though you throw seasoned oak logs onto the red hot musical coals in my soul. A couple of songs in and the fire is fully stoked! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and passion with the rest of us.

  3. Jimmy, as always you were Brilliant at the Opening of London Pubs!! Had not seen you in months and was jonesing for your musical talent!! So glad you brought the Best Music to hit Dunedin and Clearwater in all its years….. We all love your music and will continue to support you and all your efforts for Music!

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